Our Christmas

This is me and my families 8th year in South Carolina and when we arrived here we were homeless. I reflect back and I realize how much my Father has done for us; from allowing that Fountain Inn police officer to lead us to a hotel that he then paid for… to my wife and daughters getting into a shelter immediately(this I know was a blessing because I know there is usually a waiting period). Since living in two different shelters- one for females and one for men we finally were able to rent a home, and attending a church that was awesome! The ministry at Redemption World Outreach Center was like none other-their was a member who let us borrow their van,and paid for us to go to the Marriage Retreat, oh did I mention I have six daughters, well it was five at the time my wife was pregnant with my youngest. I reflect on our past eight Christmas Holidays and I am blown away at what God has done my Heavenly Father has been my source when I didn’t have anyone to turn to. I am thankful for my wife for being so strong during those tough times although its still a little tight we have come so far from being homeless we are currently homeowners celebrating Christmas with so much appreciation and I know it was God moving in our faithfulness to Him through our giving. We can trace our breakthroughs to the seeds we planted at Redemption World Outreach Center-every single one! to me getting hired, to me receiving bonuses, to us having another wonderful Christmas memory serving at Holiday Hope. Our Christmas is full and meaningful with hope and love to see God move through His people and to receive His blessings when no one else is there. Give and it shall come back is the sustaining principle for my family.

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