New Jerusalem Renaissance

New Jerusalem Renaissance is a revolution of culture that is being implemented by the youth. NJR is a re-emerging  of the Kingdom through lifestyle and expressed through song, poem, play, speech, literture, motion picture, dance, rap, art, design, and bussines. Yeru- is the root word in new Jeru-salem which means “Establish” and “Raise Up” so New jerusalem is the city to establish and raise up God’s people to then go and establish the Kingdom of God in the hearts of others raising up new people until everywhere looks like the Holy city of God. Hip Hop is in direct opposition to the move of God hindering the idenity of the Kingdom Citizen. The montra of this new sound flowing from the heart of the youth is: Revolution Music-hip hop is dead. This is bold and in your face i know, but so is the revival brewing the Holy Spirit is wanting to release God’s power like never before, but the atmosphere must be set first thus: Revolution Music. We all have a part to play in His-story, and only you can decide what part you are going to play in the fulfilment of this Revival-this Rebirth- this Renaissance of God’s purpose in the earth…last apostle

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