They say “any publicity is good publicity” I am not so sure…I know in the world of news and media keeping your name in front of the public is potential revenue gain, but it is also your reputation that you are trading for money. Integrity is a aspect of character that is slowly fading from the social scene and being replaced by fame or popularity at any cost. The publicity of your character is priceless and it goes into places before you arrive, and it stays with your name for generations. I will be the first to stand on my principals even if it stirs up controversy so controversy in itself is not damaging if it is the society that normalizes immorality and your standard runs into conflict with that norm. Personally, as a poet I will not play it safe to avoid controversy if expressing God’s truth’s is troublesome to the main stream…I must give voice to love (no matter how controversial) that will inspire change in our current culture. Stand on truth even if that truth stirs up trouble…let your name be synonymous with righteousness…let your reputation be that of integrity…believe me if your name is known for “keeping a standard” their will be controversy.

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