the real you

It is your heart that leaks out into your life as fruit that others see and judge. These fruit as I was reaffirmed in Church today by Apostle Ron Carpenter at Redemption World Outreach Center is an out pouring of the heart. The real you is not the act you present to the public to fit into the image you think they want. The real you is the soul that will surface in your decisions and actions in your motivations and passions… it is truth of who you are. You are not just what you see in the mirror, but it is why you do what you do. I believe God placed Himself in your eternal heart and He is waiting for you to be born again living as He intended by YOU simply unlocking Him. Jesus came to establish the kingdom that kingdom is now in your heart…the act…the process of establishing this kingdom is who YOU really are. I dare you to reveal yourself.

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