my story


I am a Spoken Word Minister dedicated to living out my dreams. My given name is Eric Haylock born in Queens, NY my Mother is from Harlem, NY and my Pops is from Belize. Their coming together to give birth to a orator of destiny or simply this inspirational spoken word minister is a story that will “push” any and all to live out their purpose. I figured out why I am on the planet and it is to IGNITE a revolution in the youth!

I am called to change this culture by setting the hearts of the young on fire! As a youth leader in the Movement (Youth Ministry at Redemption World Outreach Center) I mentor and use my gift to motivate the youth to give God their all. I connect with them through my experiences growing up with a father hooked on drugs to being homeless for a year and how it supplied the testimonies that design vivid masterpieces expressed as SPOKEN WORD. There is a fire raging in the hearts of the youth in Greenville and I with your help will IGNITE a revolution. IGNITE a revolution is an initiative implemented by New Jerusalem Renaissance or NJR a non-profit that is organizing youth groups, churches, and outreach programs to change the culture one community at a time. IGNITE coupled with discipleship that my wife Kiana Haylock and I commit to is turning potential into reality poverty into purpose. I am a person who decided to do more…I stepped out in faith believing others will step out with me, and IGNITE a revolution!Image

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