What Should the church say?



I didn’t watch the Grammy’s, but I sure did hear about it. I am very sensitive to the delicate forces at work here and I, in love, sought God about this issue. The ‘Word’ that God kept banging in my heart was REPENT! Now when you hear this you might immediately envision John the Baptist the wild prophet screaming at people with saliva spewing from his mouth. I would like you to understand the truth and love of this statement in full so you can comprehend the magnitude of what developed on that world stage for all to see at the Grammy’s. The prophet John the Baptist was in essence saying: PLEASE BROTHER CHANGE YOUR MIND… YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!! GOD IS SENDING YOU A DOOR TO THE KINGDOM… AN INHERITANCE, BUT YOU ARE FACING THE WRONG WAY…TURN AROUND, HES COMING SOON… DON’T MISS IT!!! John is more like the mother who won’t give up on her son who is destroying his life on drugs then a crazed nut like so many of us view him, and like the world views Kingdom citizens or Christians. What does the church say without “judging”? Jesus explicitly prohibited “judging” doing so would only ensure your demise. We must understand that we are currently witnessing the fruit of a seed that has been nurtured and encouraged by our culture. The fruit is the visible sinful lifestyle the seed is the iniquity or corrupt dark plan intertwined with your DNA twisting your heart that is not visible. The church must reply to this Satanic ceremony in which “33” people were married (a occult number significant to Masons). The bride of Christ must reply in love as a mother would to her child strung out on drugs. A mother gripping the coat tails of her son trying her hardest to keep him from running of the cliff. The church like that mother should not care who doesn’t like the love expressed even if her son refuses to heed her pleas. We must never give up on our brothers and sisters…we must always remind them of the greatness in them professing the truth of who their called to be…even if they choose to ignore it. That ceremony perpetuated ignorance and propagated confusion watering that dark seed corrupting the masses. We must always, with great and sincere love, plead REPENT!!! The church must say,” I LOVE YOU…PLEASE CHANGE YOUR MIND…TURN AROUND.”

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