Harriet Tubman was both Moses and Joshua



Harriet Tubman has a quote that I found very profound: “I have reasoned it in my mind early on in my life that I had a right for one of two things…if I couldn’t have the one I would have the other – LIBERTY or DEATH…I would fight until ONE of them was ultimately mine…this mission is God given, and since this mission is God given I will continue to fight until African people escaped to freedom…I knew when God no longer needed me He would let them kill me,” Harriet Tubman was of such resolve that there was no other option than freedom for her and her people except death. As I read and study about her contribution to the history of this country I am overwhelmed at her strength and courage. You must understand that not only did she lead her people to liberty, but she fought for it aswell. Harriet Tubman had visions and followed the North star to freedom and then true to her calling she went back to the south over 100 times in her lifetime to bring other Africans to freedom. The Union sought her expertise in fighting the South as she lead many troops and orchestrated the gathering of intelligence from her network called the “Underground Railroad”. After freedom Harriet Tubman helped build schools and fight for the women’s right to vote she was not going to the grave with potential in her; no, she would live out her purpose until she died complete and empty satisfied that liberty was no longer: hope. Harriet “Mosses” Tubman built a house for boys where she would eventually take her last breathe uniting with the Creator. In 1913 she was buried with “FULL” Military honors remembered not only as Moses who didn’t lose one African on route to liberty, but also as Joshua the warrior.

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