Sho Baraka – writer, actor, rapper, activist


Sho Baraka born Amishio Baraka Lewis in Canada grew up in California and now resides in Atlanta. Sho Baraka left Reach Records to be independent under his own imprint Lion and Liars production releasing what some consider the controversial “Talented 10th.”  Image

I found this album to be a master piece of oratory precision capturing the dilemma we find ourselves facing in life. The Talented 10th is a call to take action! Sho baraka uncovers uncomfortable issues in this project such as racism and the misconception of what a man is as well as the imortuary hip hop produces. He is a collage graduate with a budding career in film an community activist participating in bringing change uplifting the conscious of the ignorant, but submissive to the Holy Spirit functioning as a youth pastor. In short Sho baraka is a king operating in the purpose the King of kings ordained reflecting the image of christ for the youth to use as a landmark or standard along the path to Yahweh. I have included a video here for you to gain an glimpse into the mindset of this visionary…enjoy

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