consider that there is only “one” path

What if we were to change our paradigm of thinking in regards to life? We as a whole can come to the conclusion that we were created with a purpose in mind. Our Creator filled us with His spirit made us in His shadow or likeness to operate as a reflection of Him. I would like you to visualize life as a journey and on this journey there is a path and on this path you experience life in its abundance. In life we travel on a path towards a destination – our destiny – could it be this end – this destiny is how we defeat death? On this path we are taught or we are directed by His spirit and His word, but when we choose to travel off the path and ignore His word deny His spirit of truth we are trespassing – we are missing the mark – losing our way. The God of the “path” of life leads to more LIFE, but there is a god of the path of rebellion, and on this path you will discover that it isnt a path at all. On the path of life you grow and prosper, but when you travel off the path you are making your own way and the longer you travel off the path the further from life you find yourself lost stumbling in darkness. Life is one path and it is narrow and at the end of this path you will find eternal life. All other paths are not paths at all – it is us charting our own way turning our backs on life rebelling against our Creator choosing to take the place of god deciding death is the destination – denying that we are lost. Today is a step in your journey…today you can decide to travel the narrow, pressing path of life…today your purpose is filled or created in His shadow or image…today consider your destination.


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