Everybody wants to fly

I’m from where the sun don’t shine

in the slum where the bums are on grind

in the street    where the pain exist

where the  w e a k  slit the veins in their wrist

grief is the lack of love

here where blacks do drugs


for crack they shove that gun in your your spine

I pray we overcome this time

prisons is packed with thugs

who lack wisdom so they clap them slugs

at their  o w n  son’s sometimes

slaughter there daughter   make their  brothers lie

while reporters record us and our mothers cry

what i’m trying to say is: I PRAY TO A HIGHER POWER!

its O.K. to admit this life ain’t sweet

sometimes the path is uphill  steep

we cant deny its sour

s l e e p

you can die this hour

its vital our

next step

you ever wonder why when you open the bible cowards they  s t e p.

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