the LAW



We are free because of truth. We have changed our minds and decided to turn completely around and be born again! We have accepted the good news and opened the door and entered the kingdom of God.


The law which we had absolutely no power to abide by was our death sentence, but now that we have walked through the door accepted the word as truth the kingdom is in our hearts. We are now made perfect…we are not committed to the curse of the law…we have conquered death…we are free! Our freedom is in our walking in truth and spirit, and because we are free we keep the law. Grace has given us victory at the great coast Christ the Living Word our door payed on the cross. We are redeemed no longer enslaved to our flesh, but free to abide in the abundant life of the law. When we are not abiding in the law we are submitting to the flesh agreeing to become a slave even though we are clearly free. The law is our path…we walk on the path, because there is life their…our purpose is fulfilled on the path. Our testimony or story of God’s victory is written when we stray from the path. God is using our folly and disobedience as a story that will allow us to connect with others ultimately giving God glory. I am free! I love with a freedom that those in bondage are not able to experience or understand. The law is written in my heart the kingdom now dwells in my heart you can not separate me from them. The law is Torah or the path…I’m free to walk this path and fulfil my purpose…I am free are you?

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