our leaders

The leaders we have are the leaders the people have conjured up from the superficial appetite of the soul. Our current leaders are in contrast to the leaders we thrusted into position from our past outcry of injustice.

Our leaders from our past where an answer from God to illustrate deliverance guide us out of oppression. Now we languish in disfunction, bondage, materialism, and lack of leadership and lack of vision we are perishing from our insufficient knowledge. We have slipped back into oppression because we are pacified with false rulerships. Injustice has been cloaked in drug laws unfair sentencing resulting in a swelling prison population. African American’s hold high profile position of military, education, entertainment, and government offices never realizing that as a people we posses no real power, no real wealth, no direction and no vision.


We sleep in our bondage comfortable in the wilderness of transition I believe there are young people hungry for freedom in this generation even if they cant quite articulate this longing in their heart. Our youth are certain that the meaningless ambition of today’s culture can’t be truth, and they are desperately in need of a leader to paint a vision that will connect them to the truth of who God called them to be. It is said that we don’t need another MLK we just need to lead ourselves, while this is partly true this train of thought is dangerous to our society our communities and our people. This is my last blog for Black History month yet this is not my last plea for my people to cry out for a leader. I deeply believe we are worse off than we were under the treacherous hand of Jim Crow, because we are blind to oppression and satisfied with lack. When slavery was ended in 1896 our gross wealth as a people was one half of one percent now with all of our perceived freedoms and high positions our wealth as a people in this country is still one half of one percent. We where our strongest during obvious oppression because of our unifying under one GOD not one leader, but that leader reminded us of who our GOD is and that our GOD can and will lead us to freedom. We as a people have lost that unity we are satisfied with materialism and class lost in disillusion broken and enslaved to strongholds and disunity still not free. Our leaders are waiting for us to cry out to GOD for HIM we must at least long for GOD as a people…we must long for freedom…in our outcry for the One True and Living God our God in return will raise up leaders who can inspire us with vision again. Our next great leader is you…maybe…our answer to injustices is you perhaps.

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