“Dreams are so close”

This is a cold world

and not believing

will get you frostbite

in life we are forced to fight

I would like to invite the lost to His light

and ask Christ,”what the cross was like”?

-on that day I don’t feel pain no more-

-because here-

my feet bleed

from walking on this volcano floor

CHRIST! grant us relief please—— cause disbelief to leave

—its O.K.—

as I pray that every demons vertebrae turn to ashes

I    s-p-i-t    lava

you took all them classes

and still can’t see that you’ve been lied to

so, I pray that when you read the Bible

 God expound on each and every passage

the mainstream’s aim is to turn—YOU—away from your faith

and make you break it down to the masses

I confessed my sins and became clean

I’m committed to the straight path 

that will never forsake

So dont ask us


the fact is-

I made mistakes

would slide back

and slip

-W  H  Y  ?-

When I know I should sing praises to the King

because its right

but, its like these dreams are trapped inside

I keep falling for the same things, because the way it gleams—pacifies—

so I don’t pray

I wish

when I’m supposed to go 

I sit

light and darkness cant co-exist

ONE has to


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