being lead…


Walking in the spirit is something we hear, but don’t quite comprehend. I am not sure it can be articulated in any other way except submit. Everything and I do mean everything in this world will try to legitimize you reasoning things according to your intelligence.


Losing your life – is to lay down your ambitions, drive, and personal agenda down even if it is good – to follow Jesus. We are not following Jesus if we are not walking in the spirit; we are are not being lead if we are doing what we think is right. I am only now understanding that being lead is an adventure that requires you to behave in a way that even Christian folk sometimes won’t understand. The word of God calls us who follow Him; sons we are heirs – priest kings carrying out the will of our KING in the earth, and just as an ambassador doesn’t do his will, but the ambassador carries out, speaks, and follows the will of his nation so must we. It is hard to understand this being lead thing because it sometimes goes against reason and logic…being lead will put you in harms way…it may require you to be totally selfless, having no say…being of no reputation. Listen to the holy spirit; it is a teacher…submit…die…stop leading, and let God lead you.

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