Dreams are snapshots of the vision God painted in your heart. Your dream – when its not coming from fleshly desires – are like guiding post to God’s purpose for your life. A vision is the painting God burned into your heart that you are compelled to strive towards. A dream – I believe – is a piece of your purpose revealed in your imagination.

The promise land where God’s people are free to enjoy their inheritance is the vision God revealed to Moses. A land flowing with milk and honey is the dream; a dream is a vivid imagery of our purpose that we must pursue. The dream gets us excited about tomorrow it illustrates in a broad way the joy of our future. Your dream may be to get out of poverty; then the vision God has for you is to complete college and help your community start business and get a better education. a dream is how you look in the future a vision is how your people look in the future. Keep dreaming it is a Divine occurrence that reveals the deep purpose of God’s will for your life. 

2 thoughts on ““Dreams”

  1. YES, yes. yes – you already have all that is required to start living your dream. There is nothing that you need. Start today, Start where you are at, use what you have, take a step and the next step will reveal itself.

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