the Adventure of the believer

Can you imagine an great adventure full of discovery and mystery, laughter, and danger, well that is the pursuit of purpose. The process of establishing the kingdom is the “Adventure of the believer”


When Jesus started His ministry He announced Himself as “…one who is sent to set the captives free…” so then us as followers of Christ are also chain breakers, freedom fighters, miracle workers, and dream catchers. In the picture above illustrated by Tony Snipes you see Jesus pulling the lost out of darkness, and the ones who are saved calling out to the ones still in the dark to the Light of Christ. When you make the decision to live your dream you are fulfilling your purpose this very act of walking in your purpose is establishing the kingdom and establishing the kingdom will attract adversity. The war is eternal your “Dream” is eternal and the distance between where you are now and the dream is the adventure of every believer. Your testimony is the story of your victory giving others facing adversity inspiration to fight…to believe…to hope. Are you ready for the great adventure that is your calling… I hope so, because there are giants in your promise land. Together we can set ten thousand to flight – march forward in faith. Your life will call out to those lost in darkness…your victory is in Christ, and now He has anointed you to set others free from the fear of the adventure of answering the call.

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