I dont think you understand the weight and tension I feel

I dont think you fully comprehend – how

every word is my blood

each verse is a slug

my throat is a mack milli

its O.K. if you don’t feel me





really don’t want you to embrace my despair

it might pull you to deep in the block

where its bleek

when you reach for a pops who ain’t there

I dont have to tell that these streets ain’t fair

and that the government did not wage no war on drugs

In fact it seems like they the one who shoved it in our hoods

to keep us poor, because – 

they see the potential we got

but it isn’t them

they aren’t the ones who sent us Pac

have us feeling good when they call us thugs

We misunderstood our purpose in life

How can I get you to see beneath the surface

How can I show you the light?

When I’m just as broke as you

its hard God, what am I supposed to do?

excuse me homes if these poems

come across a little emotional

I’m just exposing you my –

Blood when it mix with the dirt

my dirt when it mix with the track

my pain that turns into the beat

my grief that converts into rap

this is sacred scripture designed to inspire portraits of the Divine

when gangster rappers teach you

how to do the two – step in the club

c’mon cuz how worthless is that?

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