There is power in our tongue to either speak life or speak death, but what does that mean? I believe the power is in reference to faith when we speak there is a power fueling every word, so then we are empowering life with our words or empowering death.


I think we create a grey area to rationalise or justify our self conscious with human reasoning. When we speak from the perspective of “self” we are then creating a faith in “self” we are speaking death. I am a poet. The word poet in greek is poes which means: INSPIRE. I use my poetry – my words – to cultivate faith in your purpose I inspire you to allow Christ to live through you. Our tongues INSPIRE one of two things: life or death It is that simple. Faith comes by hearing…you have heard this scripture, but have you truly considered its implication have we in our ignorance been fueling death with our words? Proverbs tells us the prudent hold their tongue (Proverb 10:19b) we should consider every word; YES every word! Our words are creating or INSPIRING one of two kingdoms on earth. Our words are coming from one of two places “self” which is our flesh, conscience, and death or the holy spirit, God’s word, and LIFE. The kingdom of God is in the heart; it is a faith it is eternal – speak to that. We all are poets…we all are INSPIRING something in the earth – a kingdom of darkness (death, ignorance, and self) or the kingdom of God ( life, light, and knowledge of Christ). Consider every word…what are you INSPIRING? What are you creating FAITH in.

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