A dream is only pretty images your imagination conjured up foretelling a fantastic reality that means nothing if you dont believe.


I believe that I can inspire you to take action in following your dreams so I write, speak, record, shoot videos, and live as if my life depended on it. Believe in its most core translation means: support. If I believe in you I will support you, if I believe in my dream I will support it with action, and time until it bears fruit. I believe in my daughter so I support her – its that simple.


 You must support your belief with a lifestyle a mindstate – a culture – or else it isnt a belief. We have been sold the American dream by hollywood movies believing it is our dream…we believe the images that are projected on the big screen are our dreams so we support it with a lifestyle. Your dream and the belief of it is a very powerful thing. I believe in you so I support that belief with this writing; I believe in my dreams so I support it with this writing, because my dream – is to inspire you to live yours.



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