harvest time

Teenagers are experiencing an combustion of emotions that explode a million times a minute, and us adults are trying to manage the carnage. It is a peculiar place to reside: transition – that is what a teenager is – a wilderness designed to shed childish thinking to obtain maturity or show the ability to respond to freedom.


– my daughter is planning an event called Culture Shock

as her father I am doing everything to support her in this endeavor.

This is a small spilling out of what is in her ( a blossoming of purpose )

I will cultivate her with support which is believing in her.

I am watering the good seed

In hopes of a harvest of great character –

Freedom is the promise to those who are purpose minded and that promise land does not allow imatureaty. A teenager is harvesting the seeds of his or her blood line – good or bad, for example if your grandfather was a drug abuser and womanizer your teenager is trying to bear fruit of this kind. If your mother is a business owner and celebrating a loving marriage then your teenager is budding with this promise on the inside of them blossoming little by little until the teenager  decides to allow the harvest. We live in seasons and the teenager is in its first harvest; depending on which seed we as parents watered ( and their are good and bad seeds ) determines the character the teenager allowed to blossom. The environment greatly influences the harvest and the teenager considers everything, and I do mean everything this is why it is extremely important to live what you say or it will prove to be fake in their eyes causing them to allow other water ( words ) to nurture their seeds. There are adults walking around in what the teenager thinks is freedom or the promise land when in reality they are witnessing grown up children stumbling without direction showing no ability to respond to purpose they are seeing irresponsible fruit. The music, movies, peers, and the books the child allowed in determines the character that is harvested. We as parents are the gatekeepers…live a life so full of purpose so that your teenager recognises it as freedom…we cant stop the harvest, however we can nurture the best seeds in them and us to hopefully influence a character reflective of God.

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