exceptional character – Corbin Hogue

I have the pleasure of introducing you to a young man who is sold out for Jesus Christ –

Corbin Hogue


When there are so many negative stories of our young men flooding the media it feels good to be able to present to you a story of a great young man. I have come into contact with this young man through ministry, and it seems ministry is all he wants to do.


He was featured on 106 and Park’s BET show for dancing, but there was a true conversion that took place when he gave his life to the Lord and it is evident! I am proud to know him and I look forward to hearing him speak at Culture Shock ( teen event ).

Corbin you are setting a standard that will be seen from a distance – meaning your reputation goes before you “little brah” keep doing that good work you are presenting exceptional character sir and you make us men proud.


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