what is important?

As a man it is extremely important what I focus on. As a father I must balance my role as provider with my role as protector, cultivator, and disciplinarian. As a husband I must always invest and nurture my wife, because if the woman is not happy nobody’s happy. My relationship with my wife should reflect the love Christ has for me. It is vital I don’t let the urgent constantly suppressed the significant.


My focus must be like a laser beam or else I will live a unfulfilled life. I must not let the immediate needs of my children dictate my focus meaning: time and energy – if I do then I might as well let the children run the house. There are tough decisions that have to be made and yes even our immediate family may not like what you as a man chose to focus on.

What is important is that you do what is right and sometimes what is right isnt easy. Sometimes you are required to work overtime when your family wants you home. Sometimes you are led to take less hours to invest more time in your family. Sometimes you are called to invest time and money in the vision supporting the passion God has burning in you. Sometimes you are called to sacrifice your needs for the needs of others. What is important is that as the man – the high priest of your home – your focus always be on pleasing the Most High, because He will direct your path and cause all you are connected to to prosper.


Love – doesn’t insist on having its own way. We must remember we can’t become so focused on the goal that we miss the vital moment of now. We must give the best of ourselves today in every role as men, but remember our head is God not the every whim of our sons or daughters or yes even our wife. Our family will recognise what is truly important if we consistently focus on following God walking in our purpose. Sometimes walking in your purpose is tough…walking in your purpose requires you to ciper between the urgent of right now and the truly important. May God lead you.

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