The mainstream is pushing a tolerance of everything and if you take a stance on something you may be villainized so I am asking my young people to PUSH back. There is a time to rebel if the prevailing flow of society is flowing towards ruin, and we are now currently approaching destruction; now is the time to rebel. We know from scripture that the wide path leads to destruction so It shouldn’t catch anyone who is a follower of Christ off guard that persecution will occur by the mainstream. If you don’t know what mainstream is let me clarify: it is the majority. The majority of your friends… the majority of your teachers… the majority of politicians, and soon the majority of your pastors will be flowing in a direction contrary to the God of scripture. The mainstream music of today – even some Christian music is pushing you in a dangerous direction so could it be time for YOU to draw a line and REBEL!


Yes I understand this is hard and it will make you the outcast, but it may be exactly what God requires from His citizens. You are so creative and the Creator designed YOU that way so create a new sound…make new movies…vote for laws that are scripture based… REBEL from the grey area our culture is living in and STAND! You may not be listening to the popular music and you may choose to live by a standard that the majority says is offensive and intolerable…the mainstream may even call you hateful for loving God. The world has defined love as something with no boundaries so when you want to walk in love and live for the God you love… it will require you to REBEL!

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