The word conspiracy conjures up different emotions in different people from different walks of life, but what is it? Conspiracy is to me in its most pure translation: to “instigate a lie” or to “inspire through deception” or ” scheme in secret” conspiracy is a dark plan by your enemy to control you or keep you from obtaining truth and walking in freedom.




It is funny because in early American history when our children were taught in churches it was taught that government was run through conspiracy. It was taught and widely understood that the people gained and held on to power by conspiring against you and other politicians. If you think about it our recording of history is ripe with conspiracy like Brutus and the senate conspiring against Ceasar, the Pharisees conspiring with Judas against Jesus, on and on… The American revolution is birthed out of conspiring against the British government, but now when we hear conspiracy we are programed to think its for those crazy conspiracy theory folk. We are programed not to think critically and that questioning the facts being presented is crazy or un – American. When in fact the very act of painting critical thinking in a bad light is to conspire against your ability to think. I only ask you to think, because when you think and seek the truth you will walk in freedom. Anything that discourages you from getting to the truth is conspiring against your freedom. Slaves were whipped and killed for learning to read because reading and thinking leads to truth and truth unlocks freedom. We attend churches and depend on the Pastor to relay the Word of God to us without reading for ourselves slowly surrendering freedom. READ, THINK, SEEK the TRUTH – this is your right as a citizen this is how you walk in freedom anything that separates you from truth is conspiring against your FREEDOM! Anything that keeps you from thinking and operating as a great father or husband or a man is conspiring against your freedom. Anything that conspires against you following your calling and living with integrity is conspiracy. SEEK THE TRUTH NOW… pretty soon this act of getting to the truth will be dangerous…pretty soon truth seekers will be labeled as enemies…pretty soon the majority will buy into the conspiracy and persecute anyone who THINKS.

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