It is hard being the dependable one, the strong one all the time; sometimes you just want to give in to the irresponsible whim that so many of your peers give in to. When you develop the character of the responsible one it sometimes becomes an unfair burden that you at times wish you could discard.



You are what others refer to as their rock, but who is yours? I am a living stone called to position myself with the Chief cornerstone – Jesus. I am preparing His Kingdom for His return. I would like to encourage you to remain faithful – not to the people that depend on you to be their rock – I am asking you to remain faithful to your Rock. Your Rock is your faith. If your faith is in Christ then you are well established as His living temple you are a living stone unmovable and secure. Rejoice in the safety of His word you are His. Let go of all the expectation you put on yourself for a moment to relax in the safety and comfort of your faith…your ROCK.

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