I L o v e y o u


I love you – I know you are wondering how I can tell you

–      I love you –

When I don’t even know you, and yet I still am compelled

 To convey these words

 – I Love you, and I say

 – I Love You – with the gravity of infinite galaxies.


I express this from the heaviest substance of my soul

With all the talent I posses and

Every gift from my Creator I pour out these words:

I  L o v e  y o u

It’s not that I found myself overtaken with the emotion

That is attributed to Love

It’s just in this simple moment

I decided to let down my guard

You know those walls we create from the pain this world teaches

I found…or more honestly I have come to the profound truth

That these walls were distorting and corrupting my ability to express Love, and

It hindered your ability to love me

Basically I am deciding not to care about what is acceptable

I am putting myself out their

I’m going out on a limb, and choosing to be real

I  L o v e  y o u

And guess what?

You don’t even have to say it back

Because love, true love doesn’t expect anything in return

You know the warm full love a mother has for her new born

That’s how I love you

And just like you wouldn’t expect that infant to express their love for you

That’s how I love you

I love you with a safe secure love

I was loved by my mother before I ever knew what love was

So I have an unknowing love

An undeserving love for you

Because it is possible that you never experienced a mother’s love

I love you like I love my wife

And that’s a deep love

See the great thing about love is it is eternal

There’s no beginning or ending to love

So she doesn’t mind sharing my love with you

Because it never ends

Love  is  bigger  than  us  all

It encompasses your regret for:

Cheating, lying, stealing, hurting, and murder

I’m going to show you that the guilt of your…your


Your addiction…your hopelessness is not bigger than

L  o  v  e

Right now I am doing my best – NO

Right now as I sincerely and genuinely

Opening up my soul

And pouring out these words – I love you –

I am Communicating the deepest truth known to mankind!

I love you like your mother should have

I love you like your father didn’t quite know how to

I love you like a husband loves his wife

A passionate, real, and honest love

I learned this love

This ability to love from my Father

Not my earthly father, because he fell short

I Love you like God loves me

Did you know right now in my deep expression for love for you

I am reflecting the image of Jesus

I  l o v e  y o u

How about you imitate Christ and really

I mean really Love someone

Lower your walls and tell them

I   L  o  v  e   y  o  u


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