Wake up today with the expectation of accomplishing purpose…live today with the intention of reaching your dreams…wake up to the possibilities you have in Christ…you are not dead, but you are a living revival breathing life into everything around you…wake up…WAKE UP!!!


Today is a perfect opportunity to take the step you have been putting off for weeks, months, and years today is the day you can move forward in the direction of faith. What ever that obstacle is that is hindering you from taking action today is the day you move your focus off of the obstacle and magnify the source of your faith. Wake up and close your eyes…move towards the destiny designed by the Creator…walk forward forgetting the regret of past failures…keep your eyes closed.


After you have ventured out in faith and put some distance between you and the fear of non- action open your eyes and observe your surroundings you might be surprised at where faith can take you. Faith is not faith if you dont step out on it …if you don’t act on your faith – not just making plans to one day see your hopes materialize – then you don’t really have faith at all. Today I encourage you to LIVE!!!

…because your courage to live out your faith

will change someones LIFE


you can breathe life into someone’s dead dreams simply by living yours.

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