little steps


“You conquer the empire of complacency with

Little steps”

Her complexion was the soft hue of autumn

Her conscience was pure

She composed songs with her spirit only herd in the eternal heart of her mother

She is comfortable in the loving hands of those who care

A community consist of willing participants or the Creators painters

Those who paint with acts of deep emotion

Sketch with precise movements

Creating divine masterpieces

That look like little pieces of the Master

“You will overthrow the enormous forces of conformity with

Little steps”



These are the words of a mother

A mother who is ignorant to motherhood

“Little steps”

She said to her child

“You will soar in the beautiful vision of your calling, but

The campaign to overtake the adversary opposing your purpose

Starts with

Little steps

Little breathes

Little dreams

And yes maybe a little stress”

This mother wasn’t loved with the love

That she is determined to love her child with

“I am a broken vessel spilling outcries for affection, and hopeless aspirations for dreams”

Her mother dreamed of a family that wasn’t exemplified in her life

Little steps

Little steps

“I will love you in little steps”

She whispers to her joy

“I am still learning how to love myself, but I have discovered the colors of my dreams is the warm and soft beautiful hues of autumn”

She has learned to paint from master painters

These artist that refuse to let darkness rot the canvas

This community of gift givers going to the potter to fill in the cracks of her vessel

“You will crusade courageously after your calling

Create light where chaos previously reined

 Even though you currently can’t walk

Soon the path will require you to let go of my hands

And reach for the vision painted in your heart

You may make mistakes

You may even fall, but always remember that

You conquer the empire of complacency with

Little steps”


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