never settle

Complacency is a sickness that attacks the passion that fuels purpose. Complacency is hard to diagnose because it looks like normalcy or its the mundane attitude toward dysfunction.


You are doing the same thing everyday stuck in a cycle of what you call normalcy not realizing you have misplaced your “fire” for regular. You may even become cynical and view anything inspirational as impractical and foolish. You have settled for where you are allowing the dreams of your tomorrows to look identical to your todays. “Never settle” is a voice that bubbles from passion, and passion is a fire that erupts out of purpose maybe you need to rekindle your flame. Today is a great opportunity to dream again…separate yourself from dream killers. If your today reminds you of your yesterday you might be suffering from an illness called complacency. Say it with me, “NEVER SETTLE”

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