where we going?

We wake up and start our day carrying out responsibilities and tasks that seem to be urgent, but where are we going? What if at the end of the day you reached some measurable goal, and the end of this day was a step in a purposeful direction?


My prayer is that today I allow myself to be lead by your spirit God. How does one allow themselves to be lead by the spirit? Today God demands that we rejoice in the fact that we are alive. God commands us to seek the kingdom first so then today we are to pray that He moves through us as we go to work or drop our children off at school.


Today will not be lost in the fog of busyness or the tedious grind of life. Today I will consciously accomplish a aspect of my Fathers will. Today I will move in the direction of my destiny even if it is a small step. Today I will celebrate the fact that I am alive and LIVE life to its fullest. Today I choose to fulfill my purpose. Today I pray that you lead me Lord.

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