Prosperous people are not materialistic


To prosper is to succeed in areas that are tangible and eternal. Wealthy people for the most part are not caught up in having things. Wealthy people don’t feel the need to buy the latest “thing” to feel good about themselves. Wealth is determined by how long you can sustain your current lifestyle if you stopped working a job. The longer you can live without working a job the greater your wealth.


Wealthy people and prosperous people are not exactly the same, but very similar. God desires for you to prosper,”Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 John 1:2. Prosper is most clearly translated as being in good condition so then if God Himself desires the “good condition of your soul” than that should be our desire as well. It is a lie presented to us by media that says we need “things” to be in good condition. When we acquire things to validate ourselves we are only exposing the bad condition of our soul. There are those who exploit the bad condition of your soul to make an profit like pimps who feed of the insecurities and brokenness of women to get ahead.


We sometimes equate buying things for someone as the equivalent to love. I have seen and was even myself manipulated into buying things for my children as if those things expressed love. To prosper as a father I invest in my children with quality time, proper teaching of the word, instilling values, and showing them that the kingdom must always come first. Prosperity is shown in the good condition of my childrens souls. Issues are like weeds that try to choke out your good condition. Prosperous people do everything in their power to keep issues from developing, because like I just stated – issues are the bad conditions of the soul. Material things are only objects people use. When material things become our identity or we use them to convey to others who we are then WE OURSELVES become objects that are being used.


Wealthy people can wear the same pair of jeans for years or only own a few pair of shoes because a wealthy persons worth is not defined by the brand on their clothing or the amount of shoes in their closet. A wealthy person invests and it is these investments that he prioritises over “things“.


In short poor people – or people whose soul is not in good condition – must acquire things to feel good about themselves.

 A person who INVESTS is a person who will PROSPER.

It is your INVESTMENTS that will determine your wealth.

If you have no INVESTMENTS you have no wealth.

I pray you INVEST in the soul

I pray you seek righteousness, because it is by INVESTING in the kingdom of GOD that you will become


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