your stuff

When you die and meet your Creator you will only have the totality of your decisions not your positions or your “stuff”. Your stuff is not an indication of your worth, however it is a manifestation of your heart.

There are scriptures in the word that scare me like: …if you save your life you will lose it… I prayed to God to illuminate this word to me so I might understand it and apply it to my life. The spirit of God told me it is like when the King calls all men in His kingdom to go to war, but we make excuses of why we shouldn’t go with lame things like, “my children need me here” or “what if I die in War God what will happen to my wife”. We say things to justify refusing the orders of the KING when in reality what we are really saying is : I am a coward Lord, please dont choose me… let me keep this life I made…I don’t want what you have for me. I WANT MY STUFF… I WANT MY LIFE not yours. We accumulate stuff to feel good about not answering the call.

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