to agree on a change is revolution



Imagine us as living in a world that we are not from; we are visiting here placed in this territory with some purpose alien to earth. This government put into place by man is not our government our government exist somewhere else but we as foreigners here represent our government like ambassadors. We have a language and a culture that is contrary to this world, but we are here foreigners backed with the power of our government if we speak the will of our government and not speak from our own desires. When we abide by our constitution which is our bible we are abiding in truth. When we agree to live as kings we are glorifying the KING of our government, and this will clash with the one we currently find ourselves in. Our KING is all powerful and we are chosen to rule in His kingdom, but our KINGDOM is invisible it lives in our hearts; our kingdom is eternal so it is seen only with faith. When you decide to agree with other kings to establish your eternal kingdom on earth you are calling for REVOLUTION!

When you agree to work together to live in the purpose God ordained for you you are starting a revolution. The standing government will come against the forming of another government rising up in its territory. This current government will fight against a foreign power trying to establish itself in the earth. It is time for : Image

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