its a confidence issue – Bizzle vs. Andy Mineo

Confidence is knowing you are doing what you are meant to do. Confidence is being sure that you have the ability to successfully carry out the task. I think confidence is most accurately defined as knowing who you are and knowing your purpose.


Homosexuality is a lifestyle that was underwraps for generations, and now it has surfaced and gone mainstream with the force of a mack truck doing 100mph. Homosexuality is a issue that festered in the dark and now it is bearing fruit that conjures fear in anyone who dares to pull it out or even call it what it is – SIN.

When we lack the fortitude to stand on scripture we waver in confidence, and confidence in a invisable God is faith. Faith is the foundation of who we are as believers. Men give their sons identity and when the man isn’t there to give his son identity the son isn’t confident in who he is. When men lack confidence in themselves and have no courage to keep a moral standard supported by faith in a invisable God then lifestyles contrary to God become emboldened.

Andy Mineo a hip hop artist who is under Reach Records will refuse to support another artist – Bizzle – because it will threatened the machines that give him a platform. Let me enlighten you who are unfamiliar with these Christian artist.

Andy Mineo






Bizzle made a song called – “same love” response – to combat the Macklemore’s song – “same love” and he answered the questions that mainstream presents. in there stance against all things biblical while supporting the lifestyle of homosexuality. click to watch video. When we arent confident in who we are we second guess ourselves, and stumble and fall because we aren’t sure what OUR path is. When you are fearful in expressing truth because truth runs in opposition to the mainstream thought it is because we lack character, identity, courage…it is because we are not confident in who God made us to be. If the enemy can make you second guess who you are you will live in opposition to your true purpose. My prayer is that we don’t just accept a lifestyle that is clearly in opposition to God’s word, but we love with enough courage to dig deep into the soul and start dealing with the underlying issue in which homosexuality became a way of life.


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