remember when…


When I was in high School and I got a girl’s number I had to go home get my most polite and respectful voice together to call her, because her mother or her father could pick up the phone. Now teenagers have their own phone so when a boy gets a girls number he can call or text her directly with no filter theres no ,”OK I better get myself together, because the parent may pick up” thought process anymore.


Basicly what I am getting to is there is a lack of respect and filter for the social construct of young people now. Our young people are exposed to so much so early , with so much access to the world, and way too little constraint or oversight. What if our young are forgetting what decent is, and they are socially awkward because communication is way less human as before. I know Im old, but just think about it – theres a whole world they have that is void of your oversight, theres a whole world gaining access to our sons and daughters heart maybe we need to slow down and rethink somethings.

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