Could you sacrifice everything for someone else? I believe when those troops stormed that beach racing into certain death they won the war not just that particular battle, but the WAR. I know this is common history and I know there are so many disingenuous reasons for war – that war being no exception, but that selfless act echoed well pass the troops on that beach that sacrifice shook the foundation of the enemies resolve.



When you have a people willing to lay down their life for others when you have a spirit that refuses to lose, and a courage that can’t be broken; when you show a honor for a principal, people, country, and a God that will not waiver there is no enemy that can withstand you or your cause.

Could you sacrifice everything for a belief, a country, a people or a kingdom? Our generation is not willing to live with such strong convictions or die for a people or country or a principal as past ones were or are they?


It is my belief this generation is no different than the one that stormed Normandy its just the principals have changed the nation is different the people are not looking to beach fronts and certain death to measure courage, but the willingness to attack ancient moral standards. Man has to die for something or man will decay from lack of purpose committing suicide with the rope of nothingness and directionless. Passion means suffering so your passion is your willingness to suffer for your purpose , your calling, and if you remove the purpose man will drown in self- centered attempts to fulfill empty goals he will kill himself with conceit.


Our generation defines courage as coming out of the closet and standing on scripture as the standard as cowardly and hateful.  Our generation has found the enemy to be any absolute truth and they reward the soldiers who give themselves over to the cause of dismembering truth by redefining it. Listen don’t get me wrong it takes courage to reveal you have been sexualy assaulted and confronting your attacker revealing your molester and articulating your pain to the world. This act of bravery is empowering the victim and showing strength in front of a gigantic opponent – this is passion. D – Day is now the onslaught of timeless values and moral codes there are however a few in this generation who are grieved by the killing of scriptural truths. These few will be the brave ones who will march against seemingly undefeatable odds these few are the soldiers who will win the war, the few who will sacrifice themselves for a principal, and a kingdom. Could you give your life for your calling?


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