Take mY CrowN


you need muscle or your knees will buckle

and your back will break

the thief deceived you into thinking that you need to hustle

to stack cake

but how much struggle can blacks take?

we bleed blood

because these streets is sick


the beast sneeve slugs

until the gats brake

if we free to love then why don’t we trap hate?

I pray we stay and raise our sons

tell them what they can become

tell’em that his dreams don’t have to evaporate

he thinks he’ll lose because he has to move from the back

in last place

but thats your son

he dosnt have to succoum

to chasing crumbs 

he can eat in the most lavish place

feast from the Masters plate

but confrontation is something that he has to face

as King he must keep his feet stationed

together as a nation we sing –

they will never take your crown

they will never take your crown

they will never take your crown




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