Have you ever been bothered by something that doesn’t seem to bother anyone else? I have; the death rate and just the chaotic level of violence in the Chicago streets keeps me up at night. I complain about it, pray about it, think about, and I am in the process of making a mini documentary about it.



I have been told, “just worry about something else you can’t do anything about it”, but I can’t my stomach hurts sometimes from thinking about our youth yes OUR youth. I dont care what color your skin is THEY are our youth THEY are our future and we better take care not to disregard their suffering.

There may be something bothering you and I bet this pain; this annoyance or strong urge to do something indicates a specific passion God placed in you. You are bothered by something that doesn’t bother anybody else and it isn’t logical for you to care, but you do. Now the question is what do you do about it? The answer: I don’t know, but I blog about my passion, I write about it, do poems, make videos and now I am developing an project called “MY People” where a portion of the proceeds will go to cover coast to travel to Chicago and mentor, teach, love, speak to these fatherless boys. In short I am going to become a father to the fatherless and plug into programs that are currently in place. In short I am doing what my passion tells me to I will act on this “strong urge” I will not do nothing.

watch me acting on my passion – click – Everybody Wanna Fly

I believe that thing that keeps you up at night is God ‘s calling.

Question will you answer it?


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