Our Fathers



There are men who exemplified strength, wisdom, and integrity these are the men who would help reflect the image of a man, and define fatherhood for me. My father passed when I was transitioning into manhood leaving me with holes in my self worth and confidence about who I was.


Males in all cultures from human beginnings held a “rights of passage” it was a ceremony or a accomplishment to make the identity of the male clear – you are NOW a MAN. Whether you were mature or not it made no difference after the “rights of passage” society would now treat you like an adult and more importantly expect you to act like a man. This is not the case in our current culture there are superficial and carnal “markers” to indicate manhood like getting a job when before it was taking over the the family trade now its having sex with a girl when in the past it was marriage, and so on. I am grateful for men who lived in such a way that I could take my cues from them on manhood.

There are my brothers and my fellow Kings who are painting the image of manhood in the hearts of young men everywhere with the 12 Kings ministry and book: 12 Kings and Their Treasures; Testimony and Truth



There is Samuel Horton Jr. who has taught me what it was to be a provider I watched him consistently work hard and be the rock for his wife and family for over 16 years. I have learned work ethic from Mr. Samuel Horton who is also my father – in – law. I am encouraged by his strength and his consistency, thanks Pops.


I have been impressed by the wisdom, integrity, and knowledge of W.R.Luchie I consider him my mentor and a wonderful husband and father as well as a standard on the understanding of the kingdom.


These men have showed men manhood by simply being who they are and I believe I am showing my daughters the type of man they should make their husbands by being who Christ is. I would like to thank all the fathers who by just operating in their roles have reflected the identity of a man to me and countless other young men. I am declaring that we show our community of boys the “right path” I demand that we create a proper “rights of passage”.


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