You are the Light


Your experience is so unique that your voice is the antidote to the cancer killing the esteem of a young lady suffering from some abuse that she keeps buried deep and far from the judging eyes of the world.


Your life is the LIGHT that will inspire like a star in the dark nights of some young man struggling through a secret crisis.


Your mistakes and failures minister to someone watching from a distance just as much as your success and recognition of right decisions, see it your LIGHT that shines through the cracks of your imperfections that reminds the lost that there is still hope.

Your LIGHT is an eternal LIGHT created by the Creator before the universe took form and your LIGHT was placed in your heart like a seed that is called purpose. You are the LIGHT to a disaster that from the surface looks hopeless you are the reason GOD formed the earth … give yourself over to the LIGHt it will illuminate a path that someone struggling didn’t notice before. Christ is glorified by you submitting to Him by living your purpose. Living your purpose is the process of establishing the kingdom of God. Living for God is serving the demand of your destiny, and by submitting to purpose you inspire countless others.



I love you

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