foundation of society

Man and woman are the base of human life on earth. Marriage is the vow to God threading this relationship together in a union no man can break. When we wave our responsibility to keep this vow we create a rift in the foundation of society that widens with each passing generation. Marriage is such a fragile institution yet it holds everything together it requires so much attention and care, and demands laws to uphold it.


I dare not over simplify marriage to vilify those who have opted out of it; we are all doing our best following the examples of our parents and the standard set by society as a whole. I am challenging us who have “tied the knot” to accept the responsibility of this vow and to refuse to accept defeat fight with everything in us, and remember the third thread holding us together. We can set the example and change the trajectory of society today we can become the heroes for our grandchildren and re – establish God’s standard.

Wherever we see marriage fail or the lack of the three threads of man, woman, and God united we find poverty, drug abuse, alcoholism, crime rates increase, and confusion of identity and lost of purpose.

What God puts together no man can put asunder…

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