filling holes


What if drug abuse is a persons way of filling holes. We were created with a purpose and when our lives aren’t lining up with what we were created for we feel an emptiness inside. Maybe we don’t know how to identify this – void of purpose – we just know that there’s more to life…more to living, so we medicate the symptom of purposeless.


We are ignorant to why we are here and in our ignorance we escape to a place that mimics the feeling of destiny filled; we lose ourselves to drugs and alcohol trying to feel something or just not feel anything at all.

Living life on purpose is vital to a healthy mental state; living today with the intention of fulfilling your God given destiny will eliminate the darkness of drug abuse or at least weaken its ability to become a coping mechanism. We fill the hole of oppression and poverty with the self destructive habits pushed on us from powers that govern. Our souls are not in good condition their are holes in our hearts as  represented in the liquor stores and failing schools in our communities.Drug sales and crime rates are no coincidence the environment created from the attack of worth and lack of purpose cultivates destructive self medicating hole filling cycles.


We only fill the emptiness of purpose with living out our purpose. Their is no substitute for walking in our calling only false highs made to distract you from it – don’t entertain yourself with darkness. That feeling of sadness or frustration could be your eternal heart calling out to you to live for your Creator…live on purpose…walk in your calling!

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