Finding our way


If I told you that there’s only one path you might call me small minded or legalistic or even a bigot, but the truth is YOU was made from the earth and then filled with God’s spirit for ONE purpose only…to dominate in your purpose. We are made to rule in our area of giftedness.


When you find something that you excel in you feel fulfilled for a period of time; when you find something that you are driven to change and you act on that passion you find contentment for a while – these limited stints of pleasure are like appetisers to the main course you have to commit to the path in order to feast in the banquet of destiny.

Commitment is vital to purpose without commitment you won’t stay the course, because it is commitment that causes you to become passionate and persevere when your path looks and feels impossible. Path: is righteousness this is why Yahsua said, “seek the kingdom and all its righteousness…”because your path leads to a kingdom; you are a king and as a king Jesus was reminding you that righteousness is the route that takes you to your purpose…your destiny…your calling…your area of giftedness…God’s kingdom.


When YOU find the courage to commit to doing the right thing, being honest,and submit to the truth of God’s word over the mainstream carnality of this world you are beginning to find your way

Commit to righteousness

make doing the right thing your path



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