Your heart creates the persona you portray and your soul colors the symbol you present to the world. Image is NOT the reflection looking back at you in the mirror it is the reputation you build from a idea of who you believe yourself to be. Your image is slowly solidifying itself in the conscience of those who know you or know of you.Your character paints your IMAGE into the minds of those connected to you.


Your image should embody the spirit of God meaning you should look like Christ.

 How does one conform into the image of Christ?

We now know that image is not a physical appearance, but a eternal condition implanting itself in the heart of the believer. Christ means “Anointed One” and anointed means: the supernatural purpose of God being activated. To conform into the IMAGE of Christ you have to set yourself apart, separate yourself, live holy by aligning with your calling to perform the supernatural. You are to live a life so great that when people think about you they think, “WOW he is really changing peoples lives” or “she really inspired me to believe again”.

God is great so your IMAGE is to reflect greatness!


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