hip hop is DEAD


You want to be battle rap boss

rattle facts off on how you squeeze A R’s and tech’s

tell K.R.S that Hip Hop is dead and I killed it

I stabbed it in the side to let out all the lies that its filled with

I paint protest signs of prophetic lines

which god do you pray too… reveal it

Ill gladly profess mine


most M C’s believe their a god so that must be the god that depraved you

it isnt hard to see that you havent been on the job so you must be the god that betrayed you

you boost about evil

see how most of our people are at the bottom

could it be that poverty is the problem that plagued you

their lyrics is weak they conjour spirits in the beat to engage you

so you do whatever they say do

walk like a crip run with a team of blood’s

Yeshua defeated death’s awful grip with His redeeming blood

what I mean is cuz, “He saved YOU”


tommorow isnt promised you can never conquer risk

today may be all you have remember never brag about your accomplishments

I use my verses to uplift my eternal Dad, because His purpose gives me confidence

beneath the surface lurks pride where Satan is waiting with lies to invade my conscience

what intrest me is the industry studies witchcraft to get cash

they shoot video’s in the slum to parade as monsters

my troat is a clip my tongue make my spit blast

my lungs are gernade launchers

the last days are upon us


(click to watch video)

I have been chosen to be the one he sends His invitations through

man’s fate is damned Christ is the light that breaks the curses off our generations

makes you His creation NEW

once inserted His blood a perfect love cast out fear 

I stand here un-afraid honest OOHHH!! I almost overdosed off the Holy Ghost

He holds me close I only convey the phrase he tells me to portray to you

the word is the bread deeply imbedded into my thoughts so I only speak when I am lead to talk

They rap about how they trap floss what they bought and beg for your support, but once you get caught they dont back you in court…


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