When is a life worth a RIOT?

When is a life worth a riot?

young people are like

it wasnt right

 it hurts


I refuses to keep quiet


I feel the emotion of anger boil into a ragebut I don’t engage

because I’m wise enough to know

should fight it

but a young man was slain and I dont like it

he was barely old enough to even be considered a man


would march in one accord

wait on a WORD from the Lord

now faith has been replaced with finance

what was correct

has been corrupted

they say we erupted

into chaos

when those who sit above us

 are unorderly


officer I respect you as an authority

but you have been a little over eager

or at the very lest you acted improperly

forgot and thought that we were still property

and you were our 




when you see 

Mike Brown’s mother

tell her that she isn’t alone

we will intercede on her behalf

by way of the throne

remind her that

Jehovah see’s her

Young people

you are soldiers for 

the Redeemer


now understand

this isnt a isolated incident

but more of a recurring theme

I feel the weight of the Lord

urging me to sing

of the injustice

that pollutes the current stream

I know of a Living Water we can implement

my argument was never that he was innocent

it’s just that he was 




they say his hands where in the surrendering position

and still six shots got peeled

it wasnt right

look at all the pain you had to withstain

and all you been through so far

now reply to hate with love

you say, but they hurt me

I say

“you dont 


because they are worthy

you love

because of who


I in no way am implying

that the actions

of a few cops represent

the attitude of police as a whole

it does indicate

that the hate system

of racism

has yet to release its hold

since its conception

when it was made for the protection 

of property

and the separation of classes

in some cases it makes victors

in our case it was tragic

so i have to ask it

when is a life worth a RIOT?


young people are like

it wasnt right

it hurts 

and I refuse to keep quiet

there rally cry

is really them saying:

“Daddy why wont you make it change?”

they express there frustration by breaking thangs

there brother was slaughtered

their actions was captured on recorders

played for the nation

portrays us as unruly fools

when what You are is

future kings

they ridicule and refuse to comprehend

that with no man

theres no provision

so theres no vision

to see what the future brings

no daddys, no blueprint

so they fail

fathers help your son expand what he understands 

so we can excel

so when I say this I yell!


I say never

a life is a light

that shines the brightest when we come together



means :destroy

-that is darkness-

when what we should do is rebuild

hate killed that boy

-it was heartless-


is what it takes to heal

(click for video)


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