where your at


You’re not even going to recognize yourself a year from now.

The speed of change is relegated to your willingness to grow and submit to the best you NOW. My habits are changing, my interest are changing, I am outgrowing some things and finally walking on higher levels. The best YOU is simply allowing God to have His way with your life – take your hand off the wheel and let Yeshua drive. The more you become Christ minded the more you think in accordance with your anointing, your calling, your purpose – the more you will change.


” Its not where you’re from it’s where you’re at”

So what your father lived his life in a certain way that was destructive – you can change

If you are doing exactly the same things you where doing 10 years ago – your in trouble

Change is happening whether we want it or not TODAY is a opportunity to show you are able to respond to change wisely.


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