the deconstruction of reality


We are fed images and sound bites of what is going on around us and manipulated by the gatekeepers of media until reality is a built fantasy far from the actual truth. Wealth, family, and faith has been distorted by the the media especially the industry that targets the black community.

The violent images of Ray Rice has been displayed and analyzed by a vast array of news shows snowballing into scrutiny of even college level players highlighting domestic violence. While the murder of Mike Brown that erupted into riots slowly faded into the background very curiously by the violent act of this Ray Rice without the attention on police brutality. It would seem the ugliest aspects of the black community is broadcasted and then commercialized by the music industry digested by the world until we slowly construct a new reality of others and the status of our community.


Cash flow is a term that we should really examine, because currency is only functioning in its purpose if it is flowing from one person’s pocket into another person’s pocket. The community that will thrive financially will be the community that keeps the cash flow in their community the longest before it finds its way to the FED. A example would be a son of a barber working in his dads shop earning some money on payday and then buys a pair of pants from a local clothes designer taking his girlfriend out to eat at his dads friend’s restaurant. His dollar circulates in the community before leaving thus cultivating the community enriching the life of those closest – the bettering of your people. Wealth is the  lifestyle of circulating currency back to you and your community. The more you can cultivate cash flow towards you and your community the wealthier you are. However we are influenced by propaganda to believe we are successful with the possession of things. With us clamouring to reflect a status that presents the superficial appearance of wealth we have enslaved ourselves to debt and false thinking. Wealth is one manifestation of prosperity that is spearheaded by the man, but when the man is demonized, conspired against systematically disenfranchised this concept of wealth is never grasped in the black home.In 1865 when slavery ended the wealth we held as a people is the same as NOW! – look it up.

black family


The foundation of society is the home and when you allow the influences that are propagated by mainstream media into your home you are sabotaging the strength of your family. When TV shows that are aimed at the young are centered around being in relationships than our youth are focused on forming a false idea of what a relationship should look like and the TV is influencing our young with thinking that is contrary to God’s. Any voice other than God’s is of the enemy and the man as head of the house must speak the word of God and rebuke the enemy. Our music and their artist are influencing our sons and daughters to destroy themselves and when the man is missing or locked up there’s no one there to protect the family from destruction.


To trust God and then act on that trust is FAITH!

Build your life on God’s word not the shaky ground presented to you by this world. The media is painting a false reality.

faith for blacks

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