the REAL you

The burden or struggle you are currently facing is the obstacle that is placed in your path to help peel away the you that doesn’t belong


I am making the argument that the you that is destined to be victorious is NOT the YOU that hasn’t been through the storm yet. The REAL you is inside of hard work, pain, crisis, struggle and failure. These are obstacles that your adversary had to get permission from the Creator to place in your path. These struggles are like training or muscle building exercises designed to help you break out of the you that cannot walk in your destiny.


You see people who have overcome there struggle and made it through a storm so you admire them as winners. Be careful not to imitate there life or believe they have some secret formula to success. These people who you see currently are only overcomers by becoming who they where created to be, and you cant copy that. You must press through the obstacle that was made especially for you and your purpose, and persevere because the YOU that crosses the finish line will not look anything like the YOU at the starting line.

real you

you are becoming the you you were created to be…the hardship is only there to hasten the process

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