Your hard work and preparation was prudent and often pays off, however you would be wise to remember that all increase comes from above.

Increase Our Faith

It is God who made your hope whole

Your faith was made real by the All Mighty not your talent, and hard work alone.

If you are not increasing in faith, knowledge of your God and your purpose then you are taking the blessing and favor on you for granted.


Could it be that “haters” are people who don’t understand how you – received your promotion or landed that job or got that position – they honestly feel that you dont deserve or earned or worked hard enough for where you are, and ITS TRUE the favor and the blessing on you opens doors for you that may have taken them years to walk through. If you can pray for them…return their ignorance with kindness and genuine love don’t focus none of your energy on there “hate” this is how God continues to pour HIS favor on you, and your kindness is like hot coals being poured on that spirit of HATE!

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